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About Me

Hi, I'm Dav! 👋

I'm a marketer, blogger, creator, dad and husband. Not necessarily in order of priority!I've worked my way up from a newbie, in-house solo marketer to the Head of Digital for a global brand. A lot of my career has been in agencies and I've picked up a LOT of knowledge over the years.Outside of my day job, I run Latent Clarity and the Clarity newsletter, a resource for new and solo marketers. This is where my passion lies and I love nothing more than imparting some sage advice littered with copious memes to anyone willing to listen 😉.My goal is to help marketers to level up their skillset, get better paid jobs, and generally learn the tricks of the trade (and avoid the mistakes) that I've experienced throughout my career.I also run the "// learning digital marketing" group, posting tips and advice for marketers and provide 1:1 mentorship via MentorCruise.

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